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World Cosplay Summit Journey Blog

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 3:46 AM

  Tsubasa | RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE by Emi-zone
Busy, busy busy!

It's almost two weeks until felixize and I jet off to Japan to take part in the WCS Championships. I wanted to post up some of the links etc and give a brief explanation of what it is we intend to do since I might not get another chance to post up on here before I leave!

Firstly we will be updating right up and beyond our departure on our Team UK page. There will be costume updates, travel snappies and regular posts through out the entire trip for anyone interested - as well as a link for the finals for anyone wanting to watch the competition live! 

felixize has been writing a blog about the more indepth aspects of being part of WCS, it focuses less on the costume construction and more on the experience, questions and overall participation. It's less formal and more honest and very tongue-in-cheek so hopefully you'll find it an enjoyable read!  
We will be making frequent posts on the blog while we're out there about the places we visit, the people we meet along with photography and video coverage!

If you've never come across WCS etc please take a moment to look into it - see if your country is sending out a representative and give them your support! :D

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July 7, 2014